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At Lisgar we are committed to make every effort to ensure that all our workers are protected from injury and occupational hazard. Workers receive full job health and safety orientation prior to employment.

Management and staff are committed to comply with (MOL) Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in the workplace. Lisgar has a policy for proactive implementation of improved processes and the most advanced safety standards.

To support this commitment, Lisgar maintains an Internal Responsibility System directed at reducing and preventing accidents, injuries, incidents and occupational disease and illnesses.

At Lisgar our Occupational Health and Safety Program extends and compliments Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Act, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) and Worker's Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Regulation 1101 (First Aid Requirements).

Lisgar is committed to providing an accident free workplace and our health and safety polices are designed to achieve that.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Program is subject to regular reviews by the management and our safety consultants.

We  quickly adapted to the change in working regulations and policies due to COVID -19, with minimal disruption to our projects.

Safety Policy: Welcome


Download the document below to view the summary of Lisgar's safety policy.

Safety Policy: Files
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